[IG] 160514 kimheenim’s update

  • kimheenim12 년전 겨울 SM 워크샵 때. 미영이와 동해, 한경이랑 스키장에서 보드를 타는데 미영이를 뺀 우리 셋은 난생 처음 타는 것이었다. 꼭대기로 올라가자는 내 말에 넷이 올라갔고, 동해와 한경이는 무섭다며 중간에 썰매를 타고 내려감. 그리고 겁 없는 난 미영이와 꼭대기까지 갔다. 난 카우보이 모자에 망또를 휘날리며 자빠지면서 보드를 탔고.. 잠깐, 지금 화니화니 팁화니 무대 시작했으니 보고 다시 씀😀😀 완전 애기애기였던 화니가 이렇게나 잘 성장해주다니😢😢 감동이다…. #티파니 #황미영 #IjustWannaDance

soshistagramtrans@kimheenim: During SM workshop 12 years ago in winter. I rode a board at a ski resort with Miyoungie and Donghae, Hankyungie, but except for Miyoungie, it was our first time in our life to ride one. The four of us went up to go to the top as I said so, Donghae and Hankyungie were scared so they rode a sled and went down halfway. And Miyoungie and I who were not afraid went all the way to the top. My cloak was flying over my cowboy hat and rode my board as I fell on my back.. Wait, Hwany Hwany Tiphwany’s stage started, so I’ll watch and write again😀😀 Can’t believe Hwany who was a total baby baby grew up so well😢😢 I’m touched…. #Tiffany #HwangMiyoung #IjustWannaDance
@xolovestephi’s comments on @kimheenim’s post:
[2016.05.14 4:37 PM]


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