[:”>] 140802 ONE and ONLY

Mất 1693 ngày kể từ ngày 13 tháng 12 năm 2009.
Mất 5 năm chờ đợi tưởng chừng tuyệt vọng.
Để rồi hồi đáp cho tấm lòng thuỷ chung đợi chờ.

Tấm hình này lời nói không thể tả hết.
Tấm hình này ngàn vạn suy nghĩ nảy sinh.

Tuy nhiên có duy nhất 1 điều tấm hình “muốn nói”  đó là: chúng tôi vẫn “tốt”. Tôi yêu các bạn

Và GC có 1 KO 2…..và duy nhất


Lưu luyến không quên tất có hồi đáp.

HeeChulThaiFan - 2014 Heechul recent photo with HanGeng


Thank God You’re Here








I updated this earlier and have reuploaded to clarify some question but I have one more to clarify
1. This is a real photo. It was not photoshopped
2. According to a fellow friend, judging from their schedule and Hee’s hairstyle, it is said that this was during mid-June and not his recent Busan trip
3. This is Heechul’s profile picture for a SNS he uses. He recently changed to this picture. But I will NOT be revealing his ID as a form of respect to his privacy. Regarding to how I got it, I got it from a fellow friend too. So, don’t ask me for the ID, I will NOT answer you
4. Regarding whether I should post it or not, since it is private, this was the profile pic so it can be viewed by non-friends. So, to those who accused saying that i should not share something private, I’m sure Heechul knows what he is doing. If he uploads as something that can be seen by public, it should be a green light to share
5. I am only sharing this because I think Petals or Hanchul shippers deserve to see this. As said earlier, I want to respect his privacy. So, this is all I am going to reveal. I will NOT reply any comments or reveal any more information. So, just view this pic and don’t ask me how I got it or if it’s true.

Read 1, 2 & 3… that’s all I have to say. Anymore comments that are accusing or ask me about the ID, I will delete this post Not trying to be stuck up or anything but please have some respect for Heechul okay. Just view this pic for your own pleasure. If it is something I think I can reveal, I will. If not, I won’t Explanation by @heartheesubs | TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS. GIVE CREDITS EVEN IF TRANSLATING TO OTHER LANGUAGES

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