[Video] 131003 SBS Power FM Park Sohyun’s Lovegame

Heechul mentioned Hankyung on Love Game too! “There was once, all the public service guys (in the army) were gathered together in the morning. We were just gathered and sitting down, when next to me some young guy next to me greeted me saying, “Hyung, annyeong haseyo” so I thought he was just a fan, and greeted him back.
Korean Transcript: Fabiola ‏@jwon0508
Translated by: DBSJYJ♔ ‏@AllRiseXiahtic
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

But he suddenly said, “Hyung, don’t you remember me? A long time ago, before you guys debuted, in front of your dorms, when Hankyung-hyung was walking past, me and my friends were cursing at him in Mandarin, so (Heechul) hyung and a few others ran towards us and grabbed us and gave us a huge scolding.”

When he said that, I suddenly remembered, ah yes I did such a thing! Then the boy said, “Hyung, back then I was scolded so badly by you guys” and “I was young back then, I’m really sorry.” And we ended up saying Fighting! to each other.”


One thought on “[Video] 131003 SBS Power FM Park Sohyun’s Lovegame

  1. thì ra bạn lính này là bạn ngày trước sỉ vả bạn Hàn Tiểu Canh và sau đó bị Kim Tiểu Triệt chửi không tiếc lời!!

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