Now I am very happy


There is a rough considerate in the palm of his hands
He appeared by my side when I needed him
Those collapsing tears wounded by you
Thanks to his selflessly keeping me company

If one day I really see you again
No matter who, don’t remind the past period
Something if not to face
On the contrary would be more at ease and safe
You have no right to sway my world

Now I have happiness
Having someone to take care of me, I should feel content
You are not like him, (he) never let me cry
However, the more I want to devote myself into
The more I feel unfamiliar. No matter how tightly I embraced (him)
Still I could not stop the warmth that was flowing away

Now I keep busy
Continue to make concessions
Want to see clearly
You are not like him
See me as all he has
But, love sometimes is kind-hearted
Sometimes is cruel. How I can
Love him like I loved you that duty-bound not willing to turn back

Someday, if I really see you again
I won’t mention about the end about all I had with him
Facing the person that doesn’t love,
finally I understand and forgive
Once you used wordlessness (silence) to draw the period





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