[News] 03/09/13 Kim Heechul’s latest relationship?

Source: OSEN
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

Super Junior Kim Heechul confessed that he had feelings for someone while he was in public service.

On 3rd at morning Kim Heechul appeared in MBC-R FM ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa’ as guest. He showed off his always-entertaining glib conversation.

Shindong asked Kim Heechul “When was your latest relationship?” and he grumbled “Wow. Strong question. He is asking me these kind of question because he has a girlfriend and he is open.”

Shindong said “I will change my question. Have you ever dated someone after you became a celebrity?” and Kim Heechul answered honestly “For 2 years in public service there was someone I liked.”

Kim Heechul shared his thought about idol’s dating. “Although our dating is not a sin we are very carful since fans may get sad if they find out. But Shindong’s relationship increased efficiency in work and also we have more conversation now.” he showed positive opinion.

For these reasons Kim Heechul strongly approved of Shindong’s marriage. He also said to Shindong “But when are you going to marry? Can you do your wedding here?” and made everyone laugh.


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