[Transcript] 130719 Seongdong Cafe


HC: When I get drunk, I become like a cat. I rub my head on GunHee, and girls at clubs or restaurants that see me do this, think “oh yeah, I saw Kim Heechul doing that”, and add to the “G” “a” “y” rumor. But it’s okay.

HC: I am thinking of starting instagram or an SNS, and the reason I want to start it right after I am released from army is because I have many funny pictures I have taken with GunHee-ssi. I want to share them with our fans

Heechul asked fans to send in his good/bad side.
His friends also sent in texts.
GunHee: Takes care of his people well. Good friend. Bad: bipolar. His mood changes often.
Another Friend: Good -Loyal friend. Bad-Kim Bipolar

暖暖酱子呀: 130719希澈城东广播:我说亲们 你们怎么能相信艺人说的话呢?哈哈哈艺人的说谎实力是有多厉害你们不知道吗?哈哈哈哈 所以亲们不要相信艺人哈哈哈哈



Heenim: You can’t believe even a word celebrities say. Everyone, you still dont know…..how much a celebrity is so good in lying? You still don’t know? Don’t believe what celebrities sayㅋㅋ

Fan: What do you do when you’re always on the phone? Texting or game? Who are you texting with?

Heenim: There’s a lot I do. I contact my mother or with Gunhee a lot. I also listen to the people around.


One thought on “[Transcript] 130719 Seongdong Cafe

  1. Khói bay nhiều quá.
    Và tất cả những lời nghệ sĩ nói đều là white lies có lợi cho fan =.=
    Nhưng những lời Kim HeeChel ssi phát ngôn trong buổi ghi hình hôm nay đều là sự thật =.=

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