#SungdongCafe Heenim: I only have 99 days left (in army)? I haven’t even reached 99 days with any girlfriend before.

#SungdongCafe (Listener: Kyu oppa said that you should go to ‘Real Man’. Do you want to go back to Radio Star?)
Heenim: I shouldn’t go back. I don’t have thoughts of going back to where I used to be. Moreover, now our Kyuhyun sshi is doing well there. I didn’t think of going back. I should do other variety.

#SungdongCafe (Listener: What do you do when you are angry?)
Heenim: When I was younger, I throw things when I’m unable to control my temper. After I’m done, the people who stay with me, Kibum, Hankyung, Jay, will come and ask if I’m okay then 4 of us will clean up the mess together.


@影子的素描: 【希DJ回应game圭】好多人问我会不会回《RadioStar》 我可以肯定的说:不会再回去了 因为我对过去没有迷恋 而且我们圭贤表现挺好的,我会尝试其他节目 【希DJ谈脾气】其实我很久没发火了,现在如果特别火大的话就叹叹气,但原来我一发火就砸电脑,跟我一起住的韩庚、基范、和J不管我,完了帮我收拾残局


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