[Transcript] 11/01/13 Seongdong Cafe with Hee DJ

Source: 梦希
Translated by : leeteukbaby @ Heechul-Petals.com
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: Heeverlasting

Part 1

1) Heechul: I attended the SungDong New Year’s Greeting Event, and even took up the role of MC. On the event hwanhee (former member of Fly to the Sky) also sang a song, just when he was on stage, our eyes saw each other, thus at the same time we both laughed. Because (both of us) feels that it’s so funny. Before enlisting we usually met each other when on stage performing. Now that we are in the same career field, standing on the same stage. It feels different and fresh.

2) Heechul: I saw the messages on website, once again I feel that I really had a lot of overseas fans~ or is it I had too little korean fans….. ㅋㅋ
Listener : Oppa, it’s not that, (you) had lots of fans in korea too! It’s just that it is unconvinient to listen to radio broadcast in the afternoon, not that you are unaware…

3) Heechul: (I) have to wear hanbok during New Year’s, why hanbok? Although (I) don’t like it but I still prepared one in a short amount of time. In the end when (I) saw the photos, I realised I had really grown uglier! In the past I would usually call myself “flower-boy” “fragile pretty boy”, but now when I look at the photos, I’m not a flower-boy anymore! Totally a sick patient, patient! This is the consequences of drinking too much alcohol

4) Heechul: Everyone must really take care and don’t fall sick. My colleagues and I got a cold, they said it all started because of me. My cold has been around for a long time and still not recovering. People please look after your health~

5) Heechul: This is why I need a health management. I am weighing 64kg now, but before I enlist I was around 58kg. My height is 177cm, so rounding up to 178cm ㅋㅋ Remember when I came out of the 4weeks training camp I weighed 69kg. I think this is not okay. I cannot let the numbers turn 7. So I’m shedding weight off now, but recently I slacked abit and it bounced back to 64kg……..

6) Heechul: On New Year’s Day we still need to have a promotion pictures photoshoot, so I asked all my colleagues who worked on photo-editing, to process my photos, why is the camera close-up on purpose! My face got a bit of redness, but now after looking…. ehm… still looking cute…. 1+1 = kiyomi….

7) Listener: Oppa, after your army service will you attend Super Show 5?

: (asking the PD) How many Super Shows did I attend before enlisting? Seems like 3? Right? Let me count… After leaving the stage for too long, now it’s me, Donghae, Ryeowook and Kangin, the 4 of us staying together, unconciously I would say “Your performance” “Their performace”. They would scold me. I think i’ll say it when I’m discharged from army

8) Listener: Hee DJ you’d once said that the character in the games would never leave you, but women will leave you someday?

: Yes, this is one of my famous quotes already :D

9) Heechul: At that time someone asked me, why don’t I find a girlfriend (instead) of playing games, then I replied, even if you invest everything on girlfriend, sooner or later she will still leave you, but in computer games, as long as you don’t delete the character, she will forever be here. Because of this statement I gained a lot of fan-boys. However a lot of fan-girls left me.

10) Listener: But after my game account got hacked, my character left me…

: That does not says that the character left you, it simply implies that she got snatched by other guys ㅋㅋㅋ (laugh)

11) Listener: My game got hacked, I was so angry, I feel like becoming a hacker myself and take revenge on them

: A lot of people don’t understand why will our emotions get affected by the game character so easily, but for me I feel that it is not just a game. I used my special professional spirit and raised her up little by little, just like those girls who like to knit, using a needle, little by little and knit a sweater out.

12) Heechul: After listening to so many messages regarding about games, our PD asked whether we lived by eating (meaning are they living normally)? Haha. But gamers would definitely understand the way I feel by what I said just now…. Hehe

Part 2

1) Listener: Oppa, is this hat okay? (Heechul wore a hat on sungdong cafe today) I don’t like this hat, change into others!

: Ah… This hat is my favorite!!!

2) Listener: Hee Oppa! Looking handsome as usual today! Is heebum doing well? I am oppa’s fan, as well as heebum’s fan!

: Heebum-ah….. Everyone should know, I had a car accident when I was 24, because my leg got injured I could only stay at home, and fans gift me Heebum, (continued with heebum’s type and breed). You see, I started having heebum when I was age 23-4, till now it has been 8 years, we still stick with each other when I get back home, really (heebum) is very tame and cute..

3) Listener: Oppa I am Thai-fan. (fan started talking about how she missed heechul) Thai Fans misses you! Please say some words in thai!

: Ah~ Really thank you so much for having great interest in Korean language, really kob kun krab~! (Thank you in thai)

4) Listener: Oppa saranghae! I’m a 95-er fan!

: Ah… ’95… Our Sulli is now 20 years old, always telling me “Oppa I am 20 years old already”.. Ayyy… Being 20 years old is so good… My age 20 has passed by for 10 years already T^T

5) Listener: I have a question which I am very curious of… Maybe… Have you uploaded pictures on Flitto before? Or perhaps it’s a fake account?

: What is Flitto? I don’t know what is Flitto, for uploading pictures, I only used twitter, weibo and CY, as of now I am currently not using any of them, because I am serving the army now.
So most probably it’s an imposter. Plus now I do not have KAKAOSTORY anymore, so if let’s say…
(at this time PD went to search online for flitto and showed heechul)
Oh this…
Listener: Heenim, this photo was uploaded on Flitto 6 days ago…

: Oh alright, let me see… OMO… this is the picture which I took years ago… Nope, I had never uploaded before… This, was on my KAKAOTALK, including the picture and the text (of the photo), should be someone whom I don’t know look at my KAKAOTALK, I will be more careful in the future, all these are uploaded by imposters, everyone please do not worry.

Credit: NKSubs@Twitter

– bora cutting off so much.. but Heechul just said his weight right now is 64kg ◎ㅇ◎ but he was 58 kg when he was performing with SJ
– Heechul says his height is 177 right now…and told people not to drink excessively because you’ll look sick ~#Sungdong
– Heechul says he doesn’t know what flitto is?_?
– Heechul realized somebody is watching his kakaotalk and says he will watch out… #SungDongCafe
– Heechul says he doesn’t say “I love you” often not even to his family. He says using it excessively makes it lose the meaning
– Heechul said he doesn’t do facebook, twitter, etc while in military service & told fans to watch out for fake accounts.
– when a fan asked for a kiss, Heechul blew a kiss to the camera
– Heechul said his hair keeps falling out, to the point he’s worrying about comeback…[hj6729] ;A; Hee!!
– someone wrote their nickname as “Beautiful Lady” and Heechul said “I once thought I was handsome too…I hope you realize the same thing I did soon.”
– #SungDong cafe is over~but you’ll be able to see Heechul again @ Jan 14 for 2 hours at the SungDong TV opening ceremony
– #SungDongCafe fan: (must have ran a google translate) Hello baby! (baby as in a child) Heechul: she must be 60 years old or something! :O
– #SungDongCafe Heechul has a cold and he got the radio staffs sick too ㅠ
– #SungDong Fan: Oppa,will you be joining SS5 when you come back? Heechul: …how many SS did I do before enlisting..? 3? oh you wouldn’t know
– Heechul: Heelover-nim said “I’m curious. Do you upload photos on Flitto? I heard it’s fake”… what is Flitto? I don’t really know what Flitto is but… things about uploading pictures… Twitter, weibo, mini homepage… I am not doing anything. Because I am not doing anything while serving in the army, it’s very high chance that it’s fake. and.. I used to do XX story (Kakaostory) but deleted it now… if you happen to find.. oh! (Staff must have pulled the page up for him) we searched Flitto and… could you go back to the last page? It says “Heenim flitto picture update..” from 6 days ago… let’s go see… omo this is a picture I took long ago! It’s not me doing this. … oh ? this is.. my kakaotalk ment… and the picture… so somebody is watching my kakaotalk… I’ll be careful. Everything is fake so don’t worry
– #SungDongCafe I(Heechul) wasn’t planning on wearing Hanbok to the event(few days ago)but we prepared it last minute. I looked terrible in it
– #SungDongCafe Fan: Oppa, I have same zodiac sign as you ~! (meaning she’s 12 yrs younger) Heechul: …/goes on to talk about Sulli/
– #SungDongCafe Fan: Oppa, I don’t know what color I like anymore Heechul: I used to like bright and vibrant colors.
– Heechul: I have softened with age
Fans: Oppa we miss your cold personality!!
Heechul: SJ Members, SM family members, and radio staffs all tell me not to go back to my old cold personality.
– “I love you” is a phrase full of warmth but I don’t say it often. I say it when… I get drunk and go back to dorm. then I’d grab Donghae, Ryeowook… and others and hug.. and bother them. I tell them “I love you I love you~” but I never say it when I’m normal
– Fan:”PD nim you are handsome!”
HeeChul: I thought she wrote on wrong place but it continues “if I write like this, you’ll read this, right?”
– Heechul says he has never said “I love you” to any of his previous girlfriends.
– On the 9th, there was a new years greeting program I MCed in… when the female MC introduced HwanHee hyung, hyung’s eyes and mine met. and we both started laughing. I started laughing because I was used to seeing him offstage. and Hwanhee-ssi, watching me start laughing, also laughed and said “you feel different” but when the song played, he went “Even if my heart aches~~~♬” he sung well right away… it was really.. a new type of memory
– It’s been a while since I did activities (as an idol)… so when I talk with Kangin-ssi, Donghae-ssi.. and Ryeowook-ssi.. because we live together…. they keep asking “Ah hyung, why do you keep talking like you are somebody else?” .. I keep forgetting.
– Heechul: I don’t know if this still exists but there was a “Girlfriend” app. It talked back to you whenever you’d… for example, if you click the button “Eating kimchi jiggae” or “pizza with girlfriend”, then it’ll play “aw~ honey~ I want to eat pizza~”.. there was an app like that.. on the phone… in past… when I had no girlfriend… I used to use this before sleeping and after waking up… ai.. so sad…
– Heechul: when I used to record Family Outing 2, most were done with me in no makeup. My skin color is great so no need for it★
– Heechul: I have never once gotten irritated, sad, nor angry when meeting/dating girls. I have never gotten irritated at her not answering her phones… but when I play the game L.o.L… I get angry, happy, … and even lose confidence. It’s a game with much charms…. I think I can only get a girlfriend if I stop playing L.o.L. ….
– Heechul: I always go to sleep hugging Heebum..


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