[Interview] 20/12/12 HanGeng Live Q&A Session on Sina Weibo (For Men’s UNO)

Source: HanGeng Whereabouts (HangengSchedule)
Translation by: HanGeng Whereabouts (HangengSchedule)
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

Q1: HanGeng gege, will those children you sponsored come tomorrow’s christmas concert?
A: I wanted to, but they are having final exams so I’m not gonna bring’em. Study is most important!

Q2: HanGeng gege, how many songs will you sing tomorrow?
A: Only one. Hope you, with the sail of music, sing together with me.

Q3: HanGeng, I’m a rural teacher born in 1990s, I like you so much! I like this job too, will you support me doing that like I support you?
A: Absolutely support! jia you! You are a good example!

Q4: How you get to contact with those 7 children you sponsored?
A: Telephone, and through the teacher, I want to bring them to Beijing to watch Children’s opera, but they are busier than I so I have to wait for their holiday^^

Q5: HanGeng, which way do you wish people to do charity? No matter stars or common people?
A: Stars are common people. Care about the people around you first! Give away positive energy yourself!

Q6: HanGeng gege, how your 7 children call you?
A: Just gege.

Q7: HanGeng gege, what’s the motivation that keeps you doing charity? Please reply please reply please reply……HanGeng,pls rap to me!
A: Help others is helping yourself, you can get unexpected happiness from it, if youo doubt then try yourself! From your heart~~~~!

Q9: HanGeng, when you’re doubted for your charity by others, what will you do?
A: Keep doing.

Q10: HanGeng, will those children you sponsore look at you like anthomaniac?
A: No, they just know I’m a big brother called HanGeng, just like other brothers and sisters who have helped them.

Q11: Those 7 children having final exams, what will HanGeng gege reward them if they get good grades?
A: Just try hard, when they finished I’ll give them a surprise!

Q12: Will you do charity with GengFans again?
A: Always with you!

Q13: Babe, what you expect to the 7 childs. What kind of people would you like them to be in the future?
A: A Person can do what he want to do, happily and healthily.

Q14: Can you usay something to the fans who are doing charity.
A: Do what you can, and keep doing.

Q15: When will you release Clown Mask’s horrible version? We’d waited till the flowers wither away…
A:When the flower blossom ~

Q16: Will the children do something you think it’s cute when you’re with them?
A: They’re active and outgoing, 7 children together’s like a cartoon, each one like a little fairy

Q17: What did you feel when you rehearsed with the children. Was there something that touched you?
A: I went to watch their performance a few days ago, the conscientious of everyone made me so moved, the teacher said they loved music so much, they will have a excellent performance tomorrow.

Q18: GengFans in the nation even the whole world are doing charity with you. The future’s a long time, we’ll do better and better, to help more people with you.
A: Great! Let’s work hard together!

Q19: Will you teach the children sing and dance? Especially folk dance?

A: It depends on what they like. If they like dancing then I’ll be the teacher!

Q20: It’s almost the end, tell something encouraging to GengFans
A: Love your friends and families, help people around you, to give others and yourself happiness!



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