[Fancam] 26/11/12 Hangeng at Heathrow Terminal 5 (London)


EVENT REGISTRATION: http://lsbfhg-es2.eventbrite.co.uk/?ebtv=C

Where: Central Hall Westminster
When: 7pm, 1st December, 2012
Guest Speaker: : Chinese Dancer, Singer and Actor, Han Geng

Special Guests: – Liu Xiaoming, Chinese Ambassador
– Fay Drewry, Director of LSBF School of English
– Professor Maurits van Rooijen, LSBF Rector and CEO

Event’s purpose

Earlier in 2012, as a further step to support communities and increase access to education, LSBF established the foundation LSBF HOPE (Health, Opportunity, Potential and Education) to give young people from underprivileged backgrounds the chance to achieve their dreams and career goals.
Aiming to inspire the new generation of Chinese students who are in the UK to further their careers, LSBF will host a lecture with Han Geng, one of China’s best known artists.

Guest Speaker: Han Geng Topic:Han Geng’s Way to the Top

The 28-year-old musician has experienced hardship that peers had never had. Han Geng usually appears in view of public as a successful artist, but the other sides of him have never been noticed. Going back to 2003, the then 19-year-old young man went to South Korea alone and to be strictly trained as an artist. Just like many other overseas students, he struggled and didn’t know where the future lies. Han Geng has admitted that the training period in South Korea was the most difficult time in his life. He used to sleep only three hours a day, but through perseverance, the pressure of learning a new language and the hardship of arts training, he did not struggle in vain and became the successful man that he is today.

Why Han Geng

Han Geng’s way to the top is a typical story of struggle, fighting and striving to succeed overseas. On this event we will discover the “man behind the success” and inspire young students living in the UK.
Being committed with philanthropy, Han Geng has embraced the LSBF HOPE cause. He’s also the ambassador for the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation as well as the “Ren Si Yuan Focus” Foundation and the Taiwan “Love Life” Foundation.
Han Geng has been always committed in philanthropy and public service. He has a very positive public image which is why we specially invited Han Geng to come to London School of Business and Finance to give the lecture. On the particular event, the Chinese Ambassador will be joined by LSBF Chairman Aaron Etingen to give award to Han Geng the “Certificate of Appreciation”.

more info: http://superjunioruk.co.uk/post/35775785839/london-school-of-business-and-finance-special-guest


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