[Twitter] 18/07/12 yuri_voice&skullhong mentioned HeeChel

Original http://i.imgbox.com/adbw51j4.png

Credit: https://twitter.com/yuri_voice || https://twitter.com/skullhong

Original http://i.imgbox.com/adh9FzJt.jpg

19/07/12 Kim Jae Wook FB update [Gagman Jae Wook người đứng giữa]

heechulfacts@twitter:  [INFO] 120718 According to @yuri_voice, the pro-gamer and also the voice of LOL character Janna, Heenim, her and Lee Hongki joined a small League Compeition, called “1st League of Legends Celebrity Championships” in Kyungki-do and they became finalists. There is no broadcast for the said competition.
Their team name was Space Big Star Team!!!


200712 Kim Ki Yeol CY update ~


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